The Brighouse Arts Festival 2017 Highlights

Festival highlights in 2017 included:

  • Brighouse Mis-Guided Tour by theatre duo Lord&Slater
  • Daniel Bath Jazz Trio with Amy-Rose Atkinson
  • Ukulele Extravaganza Play-Along
  • Natasha Harper Productions: Musical Theatre Gala Evening
  • Comedy from Hugh Raine
  • Pianoforte Recital from Jonathan Ellis
  • Theatre from Emma Decent, Fay Beesley and Rachel Cochrane with Penny Lamport
  • Roger Davies & His Band
  • Calderdale Big Band

The Brighouse Arts Festival 2017, was our biggest success to date and had over 3,500 audience members and an online outreach to 132,000.
The festival hosted 149 artists with the help of 40 volunteers. Most importantly, we engaged 420 people in free participatory activities, had 459 young people attend the festival, had 867 people attend workshops and talks, with 75% of our audience over the age of 60. Brighouse Arts Festival 2017 brought art, theatre, literature and music performances and an array of artistic activities, lectures and workshops together that were easily accessible to the public.