William Priestley, Mrs Sunderland and Friends

The musical life of Calderdale in the early to mid 19th Century included an amazing variety of local talent, which enabled the foundation of the Halifax Quarterly Choral Society in 1818. Who were the prime movers in that enterprise? Which local soprano became known as the Calderdale Nightingale, and sang before Queen Victoria? Did you know that Paganini, Strauss and Liszt once performed in Halifax? And then there were those great Piece Hall “Sings”…

Join David Glover for an insightful and entertaining talk, alongside Rachel Harrison who will provide soprano solos to accompany the talk.

David Glover: A Family Historian, who has focussed on studying Halifax’s local history in depth, and this in due course enabled regular contributions on the subject to the Halifax Evening Courier and is President of Halifax Antiquarian Society, Chair of The Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery (Halifax), and Vice-Chair of Halifax Civic Trust.

Rachel Harrison studied at the University of St Andrews and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and has performed with leading choral societies, which include the world’s oldest: the Halifax Choral Society. She has toured extensively with St Salvator’s Chapel Choir performing in Prague, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Budapest and Madrid and has performed before HRH Prince William and at a concert for the United Nations Heads of State


Brighouse Library / Smith Art Gallery


Friday 11th Oct 2019