Roger Hitchen Art Exhibition

Roger has worked all his professional life in first Further and Higher Education in Art and Design. In 2009 he retired from this and now he devotes much of his time to art and photography.

He attendes local life drawing groups and through this developed an interest in portraiture. Why portraits? Roger says:“its about not only trying to capture a likeness, but also that elusive something of the inner person. This provides the continuing challenge to sustain my interest and keep me coming back for more, time and time again!”


His photography has continued to follow its own course and for a number of years. He is particularly interested in looking at the world up close, rather than the wider landscape. Roger says: “I feel there are often numerous jewels to be seen at your feet, ignored by those who rush round the next bend or over the next hilltop to take in the wider panorama.”


No. 43 Coffee House & Prego Restaurant


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