Contemporary Theatre Evening with LAVERACK and Lydia De La Murrãy.

Join two Calderdale theatre makers with their latest solo live art performances. A double bill of contemporary and works.

Closure? by Lydia De La Murrãy
‘Have you ever wondered what your ex really thinks of you? Do you have Hurd questions after the split that were left unanswered? Well…so did I! So I wrote them all a questionnaire to answer and made it into a show.’

Join Lydia on her journey for closure as she endeavours to find the answers to some of her unanswered questions from ALL of the men she had relationships with. This comedy is written and performed by Lydia De La Murrãy, full of facts, confessions and best of all, the truth. This piece displays her findings through performance lecture, as well as the use of multimedia, statistics, stand-up comedy and interpretive dance.

Brighouse, Halifax and the Calder Valley have a rich industrial heritage, join LAVERACK for a lecture on the history of our local AU.

Everything from its production, to its commercial value: AU is an important part of Brighouse and its successes.

LAVERACK will lead an exploration of AU. It’s absurdist and bizarre linkage to our everyday lives. In 50 minutes you’ll find out everything and nothing, part performance lecture, part interpretive dance, and a little bit of a cry for help. Written and performed by Laverack, the performative ego of Matthew Harrison-Lord.


Prego / Waterfront Hotel


Tuesday 8th Oct 2019