Committee Meeting – We’ve had a gathering

All of our committed volunteer producers, programmers, movers, and shakers came together to start the planning for Brighouse Arts Festival 2018.

So far, and I can confirm, we have booked an amazing evening for Brighouse, and it’s an exclusive evening for Calderdale. Which is great to think that our little team of volunteers can actually be ambitious, high-quality and bring someone brilliant to Brighouse. BUT – I’m not going to tell you who just yet. We shall be announcing early March 2018!

During this meeting, we discussed who are audiences are, what theme our festival will be and how we shall remain community focussed, not-for-profit and most of all provide engaging and entertaining arts for Brighouse.

This year for 2018 we shall be:

‘Reaching Out’

to communities
to artists
to the wider region
to those isolated
to volunteers
to festival lovelies.

Exciting times are ahead! Keep visiting for our blog updates and to see the programme take shape over the coming months.

Programme Director