BBC’s Back In Time for Tea – Talk from Lesley Ellis

Last summer my family and I embarked on an epic adventure as we explored the life of ordinary northern working folk through the food they ate. We began the experiment in 1918 shortly after the end of the First World War, experienced life during the Great Depression and watched fortunes twist and turn throughout the 20th century. 

You will hear how the march of technology impacted the food we ate and how we lived. As we fast forwarded through time we were able to observe the roller coaster effect of living on the poverty line. Whether we struggled or flourished was often the result of the prevailing social policy of the time.

Join Lesley Ellis for an insight into the BBC show ‘Back In Time For Tea’. This exclusive talk will be a discussion into the eras that Lesley and her family lived through intensively for the BBC series.


Brighouse Library


Fri 12th Oct 2018