A Celebration of Yorkshire: Talk by Noel Moroney

This talk is a trip through the places and with the people who have made the name Yorkshire – the largest and most famous county in the whole of the British Isles. Come along and enjoy the stories that will make your heart swell with pride! As Freddie Trueman once said “You can always tell a Yorkshireman” and the saying continues – “ but you can’t tell him much”!

Join Noel Moroney for this delightful talk that celebrates Yorkshire.Noel Moroney is an experienced speaker with many years experience in business and life. He has travelled far and wide and would love to tell you all about it. He has many passions in life including history, art, literature, travel and architecture, all these topics are included in his talks. His stories are funny and interesting and all of them are entertaining, revealing facts we may not know about our local area.


Brighouse Library


Monday 7th Oct 2019